ABNA 2009

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Last year, I joined the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. I made it past two rounds, as I recall, but didn’t make the quarterfinals. It was a good experience, though I’ll admit I got too wrapped up in trying to get people to review the thing. My belief is that user reviews made very little difference in who made subsequent cuts, so although I entered this year, and although I’ll be posting updates here and there, I’m not going to obsess over anyone actually reviewing my entry. Not that I’m discouraging it, mind you, just that I don’t particularly feel like using up small favors for something that, in the end, will probably not make a difference.

I entered my last novel, The Tears of Tendali. It’s a much more polished book than was Captured by Crystal, last year’s entry, and hopefully it’ll make a splash. We’ll see…

Oh, and for those of you that have a novel that you’d like to enter, they opened submissions this morning and will be accepting them through 2/8/2009. There’s a 10,000 entry limit as well, so if you’re thinking about entering, do it sooner rather than later.