GenCon Seminars

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I thought I’d post my upcoming GenCon seminar schedule, in case anyone was going to be there (and wanted to attend). These are all part of the writers’ symposium.

Friday 2pmPublishing 101: So you want to be a professional writer? Even if it’s only in your spare time? Our panelists discuss the business of writing, offer pointers on manuscript presentation, and give advice on how you can rise to the top of the slush pile. Applies to game and fiction markets. Panelists: Jean Rabe, John Helfers, Luke Johnson, Linda Baker, Brad Beaulieu, Anton Strout

Friday 3pmPublishing Potpourri: Join us for a question and answer session about writing, editing, and publishing. Brain-picking welcomed. Panelists: Jean Rabe, Don Bingle, Elizabeth Vaughan, Linda Baker, Brad Beaulieu, Anton Strout

Saturday 9am – Short Order Writing: How do you find the right idea for the right size of manuscript? How is writing a short story different from writing a novella . . . and how are they different from writing a novel? Learn how to approach writing a short story, and then how to market it. Don Bingle, John Helfers, Jean Rabe, Richard Lee Byers, Brad Beaulieu

Saturday 2pm The Writers Marketplace: Writing a book or short story is sometimes easier than selling one. Our editors and authors discuss marketplaces for your fiction and give you tips on finding an agent. A handout of publishing houses is provided. Panelists: Jean Rabe, Tim Waggoner, John Helfers, Brad Beaulieu, Anton Strout

Saturday 3pm – Signing: Look for me, Paul Genesse, and Linda Baker in the Author’s Alley.

Saturday 7pmReading: Luke Johnson, Paul Genesse and Brad Beaulieu