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I mean, really, how can my blog be rated:

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while 's is rated NC-17? What's up with that?

In other news … it's been 1 year since my Clarion experience began. I saw that same bit of information posted on 's site, and I was like, is he high? I know it's getting into summer, but it's not that late yet, is it? Well, blow me down, it has been a year already. My most vivid memory of that first day is walking into my, um, room (read: tiny ass closet with carpeting as thin as a fly strip and about as gross), looking at the bed about two inches wider than my ass, and thinking, well, this is interesting, I wonder how my wife and I are both going to sleep in here. Turns out, we wouldn't… We hightailed it out of there (on Joanne's insistence, and rightly so!) and got a hotel room for the few nights she would be staying with me in Michigan. Joanne was a saint. She set me up with all sorts of goodies for my fridge and microwave while I attended Day 1, easing my transition to the torturous weeks to come. Part of me liked the dorms. It was fun reliving the college experience. But another part (the hygienic one) would occasionally stare bug-eyed at the state of the room.

The book is moving along. I'm nearing the end of chapter 3, and though I have a decent number of words down, I know I'm going to have to rewrite several thousand of them because more and more of the mechanics of the world are making themselves clear. I don't mind the rewrites because it's bringing the story together, and I'd rather iron out these first few rough chapters now so that I have a stronger foundation on which to build the later chapters.

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