Winds update…

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I'm just about to write the kick-ass ending of Chapter 2. This is the scene that sets up the entire rest of the book, and I've been thinking about it for a long time so I know it's going to be a breeze to write. And a lot of fun. I just hope the actual writing lives up to what I have inside my head. The scene depicts an elder fire spirit bursting out of nowhere and destroying a royal windship, soup to nuts. The windship just happens to be carrying the Grand Duke, and the other dukes watch in horror as their leader, along with a goodly portion of his family, plummets to his death among the rocks one-thousand feet below.

Oh, and I switched to a schmancy wordometer. I stole it fair and square from , who I'm sure stole it fair and square from someone else. Anyway, it's mine now and I'm not giving it back. 7.8% already. I'm pretty pleased with that. I only hope the rest of it goes as smoothly as the opening scenes have.

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