New writing

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I started working on a new story last night. It's a story about a woman whose daughter is stolen from her, and the only man that can help get her back is, from all the mother can tell, on the edge of insanity. It's a story about a man who has lived between worlds for nearly his whole life, and he does whatever he can to stay grounded in reality, be it drugs or self-inflicted pain or flirtations with death. It's a story about two people from opposite ends of life who come together to save a little girl from the people on the other side. Think Momento meets Flightplan.

It was really nice to actually be writing again. Previous to this, and post-Clarion, I had only been working on existing material (with one exception that I hope to post about soon). I haven't been idle, though it certainly feels like it. I had five Clarion stories to rewrite. That took quite a while, and was a challenge, since I was trying to incorporate all my Clarion knowledge and suggestions into the rewrites. Three out of those five were very heavy rewrites, and the other two weren't simple revisions, either.

And then there's my next trilogy that I'm still brainstorming. I'm trying to really plot the thing out, not scene-by-scene perhaps, but close to it. During this process (just like my last novel), I realized that I need to tell “what came before”. In other words, I had an idea for a story, and as I started filling in the exposition, I realized it was really interesting stuff and probably belonged in the story, and so my planned book became book 2 in the trilogy and the stuff I thought was going to be exposition is now going to be book 1. I'm excited to get started on it, but like I said, I don't want to jump in without knowing more. I've taken too many wrong turns in the past and wasted tons of writing because I didn't plan properly. It sure makes me feel like I'm not doing anything, though, all this thinkin and stuff.

Anyway, it was good to start writing this new story. Hopefully it'll take about a week, and then I can let it marinate for a while before working on final revisions.