Back from GenCon

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I came back late Saturday night, actually. The con itself was fun. Since it's largely a gaming con, everything is geared toward entertainment. The exhibit hall alone, where all the attending companies attempt to part you from your money, was great. I can spend hours just wandering around seeing what new sorts of games or tee shirts or artwork is new that year.

One of my editors was in attendance, and I had a dinner with him, his wife, and another of my writing friends on Friday night. That was fun, though I spent the whole dinner attempting (rather unsuccessfully, I might add) to quell the random coughing fits that would present themselves every minute or so. I could hardly hold a conversation. And at one point, from the corner of my eye, I caught a bit of self-propelled spittle from a rather unexpected and forceful cough launch from my throat toward my table-mate's shirt. They didn't notice, and I didn't volunteer anything. (Hey, don't judge. I was too embarrassed…)

I made some contacts there for potential writing gigs. Several companies had popular games that might lend themselves to novelizations. I made 6 contacts this way, each of them with varying probabilities of ever going anywhere. But who knows? Something might break. Heck, they might even pay me money to write something…

I've also got this madening urge (as I do every year after GenCon) to create a game and sell it. I don't know if I'll do anything this year, but I've run a few businesses, and this might be one that I would actually enjoy over the long haul. I have a few ideas already for some board games. We'll see what happens.