Going to GenCon

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I finally made the call on whether or not to head to GenCon (www.gencon.com) this weekend. I'm going to go, but I'm shortening up the trip a little. I'm leaving Thursday instead of Wednesday, and I'm going to leave pretty early on Sunday. For those who don't know about it, GenCon is a gaming convention, catering mostly to role playing games, miniature games, collectible card games, and board games. There is also a fairly strong electronic game and writing component there. I'm going to meet up with some friends, network a bit, and try to relax and get my mind off of my Clarion doldrums.

On the writing side of things, I'm really chomping at the bit to start writing again. I have 5 stories I need to revise and get out to the world, and a novel that's sitting at the outlining stage that I really want to get typing on. I figure I have two weeks or so left in the outlining stage before I can start Chapter 1.

I'm also reconnecting with my normal life though. I've been without wife and daughter for six weeks (less a few quick visits during Clarion). It's amazing how much Relaneve (nearly 9 months now) has changed in that time. She's crawling pretty good now. Before I left, she was still having trouble flipping herself over consistently. Now, she's scooting around every room she's in and getting her sticky little kid fingers all over stuff. Baby proofing began a week or so ago, but it continues as we realize more and more how many things might hurt her were she to pull them down in the wrong way. Eeek. It's nerve wracking!