Still sick…

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I picked up someone's cold from Clarion. I'm coughing like crazy, though that seems to be the only symptom. It's damn annoying, though, coughing every five seconds every minute I'm awake. And since the cough keeps me from sleeping, that's about 20 hours each day.

Damn you, Alex and/or Rahul! And anyone who might have given it to them! Now that I think of it, Jemma was the first one with a cold-type thing. Damn you, Jemma!

I'm almost done loading my photos to Flickr. I'll shoot out an email to the Clarionites once that's ready. There are some good ones in there. And, I must admit, some ho-hum ones. I blame the subjects, of course. Why couldn't you people act more like Steve Berman at an undead gown party?