Back from Clarion

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I got home yesterday. Joanne and I were really tired, but we went straight to a movie theater, because dammit! we were going to see a movie after such a long slog at Clarion. Plus, we have to pick up ze bébé today and we wanted to live it up (woo hoo!) before going back to the normal routine.

I've read a few of my classmates' LJs about the emotional rollercoaster after Clarion, and I'm largely in agreement. Part of me is glad to be home, which is not at all the same thing as saying I'm glad that Clarion is over, because I'm not. Kelly and Holly made the last 2 weeks really fun and that much harder to let go of. The other instructors were fantastic, too, so it ended up being, for me, 6 weeks of enlightenment, relationship building, and all kinds of fun.

Unlike many at Clarion, I didn't make a lot of close friends. I'm kind of sad about that. That's not to say that I didn't make friends, because I certainly did. But many of the crew became very close, and in a way I'm quite jealous. And in another way I know it's just reality coming into play. Some people knew one another ahead of Clarion; others were in a closer age group; some were single and single-ish (don't ask) and so sometimes gravitated towards one another for pseudo-romantic reasons.

In the end, it was what it was. I'm not one to lament too much over what didn't happen. I'd rather focus on what did, and that was a six-week experience with friendly and focused writers that will affect me for the rest of my life. And I hope to continue to build some relationships as time goes on.

Here's to hoping that happens with as many of the class as possible…